Fruita Monument High School Athletics

Winter  Sports Practices/Tryouts will begin on November 12.

Spring 2019 Sports Practices/Tryouts will begin on February 25.

The following Registration Process must be completed prior to November 12 for Winter and February 25 for Spring.  If completed the day of, no athlete can attend until the following day.

With our New Registration process, you can now register at anytime for Winter or Spring Sports. Payment of the Athletic Fee though,  can only be paid prior to the beginning of that Sport season.

9th Grade Parents, you MUST choose FRUITA MONUMENT as your athlete's school NOT Fruita 8/9 to be able to complete the registration process.

If you have any issues with the registration process, please contact Arbiter Athlete Customer Support at 1-888-668-7452.

The Registration Process:

1. Get a sports physical.  

No pupil shall participate in formal practice or represent his/her school in interscholastic athletics until there is a statement on file with the athletic director signed by his/her parents or legal guardian and a practitioner licensed in the United States to perform sports physicals certifying that: (a) he/she has passed an adequate physical examination within the past 365 calendar days; (b) that in the opinion of the examining licensed practitioner, he/she is physically fit to participate in high school athletics; and (c) that he/she has the consent of his/her parents or legal guardian to participate.  

Physical Examination and Parental Permit Form (Physical Form)

2. Register Online through Arbiter Athlete.  Registration is now OPEN for our 2018-19 Fall Sports Season.

Instructions to register on Line

Register Online HERE.

3.  Be sure to upload the forms

4.  Pay the Athletic fee.

For you convenience payment can be made online through the Districts's program "My Payments Plus"  (freshmen - please choose FMHS 18/19 ATHL FEE and the sport)  or payment can be brought to the FMHS Athletic Office prior to the start of that Sport season.